Bridgeport Public Adjuster

GIR Property Claims has now opened a location in the heart of Connecticut. We will be serving the beautiful city of Bridgeport. Bridgeport is one of Connecticut’s coastal cities. It is one of the most populated cities in New England, and has several connections to the states around it. It’s access and proximity to the water makes it beautiful, but dangerous when it comes to natural disasters. Our skilled and experienced insurance adjusters are there to help you in these difficult times and situations. Let the professionals take the lead at this moment to make your experience quick and easy, with no missing paperwork that could delay your claim. Our offices in this new Connecticut area make it easy for our flexible adjusters to come out and service you.

A public adjuster is a professional that takes care of your insurance claim for you when you’ve experienced property damage to your home or business. They will advise you, manage, and submit the insurance claim to the insurance company on your behalf. Insurance companies have a long list of intricacies within their policies that GIR Property Claims is trained to handle. With so much going on during this time, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’re being paid what you need or deserve. To ensure you get the maximum value for your property damage from the insurance company, call GIR Public Adjusters at (203) 916-5500 to answer any questions and see how we might be able to help.