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GIR Property Claims has a new location in New Haven, the cultural capital of Connecticut and home to globally recognized Yale University. New Haven is a city of contrasts with a mix of colonial history, an industrial center, and Ivy League college town. With GIR Property Claims Public Adjuster located in the nations insurance capital, we will be keeping up with the legacy of Connecticut as we have introduced a wide network of licensed public adjusters in the state to handle commercial and residential property damage claims. We take care of an extensive range of damages that may harm your property such as water and mold damage claims, fire and smoke damage claims, hurricane damage, as well as ice and wind damage claims. We make sure you don’t have to settle for less than what you are owed under your policy.


Gables Insurance Recovery is a licensed network of property claims adjusters, with years of experience in the industry. We operate independently and make every possible effort to represent the interest of the policyholder. We go all-out to make certain that the benefits given out to the homeowners accurately reflect the damage sustained. Whenever you are in a time of crisis, we get on your side to see to it that you receive a maximum settlement as promised under your insurance policy.


Our main aim is to help you whenever a serious disaster strikes. Our adept and highly professional public adjuster will come to you and evaluate the damage caused to your property. He will also examine your policy information vigilantly. This is how we initiate the process and then prepare a well-thought-out estimate for your insurance carrier to assist you with reporting your actual loss to the insurance company properly.
With a downtown population density of 6000 people per square kilometer, New Haven County has a principally residential character. There are numerous shops, cafes, concert venues, galleries and lavish restaurants fashioned across the city to entice families for luxurious living. New England charm and global cosmopolitanism are combined in the most seamless way possible to form this small but livable seaside city.


New Haven County also features one of the most walkable city centers between New York City and Boston. To all those who love peace and quiet, it is a perfect place with idyllic rural homes. Its bright autumn foliage is icing on the cake. While the city succumbs to snow and cold each winter; summer, on the other hand, brings comfortably warm temperatures. The residents can enjoy summer by indulging themselves in the nearby seaside.


Hartford is another metropolitan city found in Connecticut which played the most significant role in making it the insurance capital of the USA. Following the footsteps of first insurance company ‘Hartford Fire Insurance Company’ other companies soon came into the picture. Many well-known personalities have used these insurance companies for the protection of their property from unforeseen damages. Since then the insurance industry of the state has expanded nationally and internationally and eventually became the ‘Insurance Capital’ as it is popularly known today.


From referring property damage to code requirements and changes in the law to figuring out insurance policies, our company has years of experience and in depth know how to tackle all the steps of the process.


In fact, for all the people of New Haven, there is a study that shows using a public adjuster in the city has resulted in an increased number of insurance claim settlements to the policyholders. This is because we work solely in the interest of policyholder and not that of the insurance companies.


Why is it important to hire a public adjuster?
Disasters are inevitable and so are the damages caused to the property on which the disaster wreaks havoc. Although homeowners always ensure the insurance of their homes, the prevention of a claim denial at the time of need may prove quite challenging. Insurance companies usually send their personal adjusters to your property for examination and approval. And to give the entire result in the hands of the insurance company may not be the best thing to do. It is always sensible to have someone who is working for your interest. This will eliminate any possibility of an insurance company completely dictating the loss.


Gables Insurance Recovery prepares you with an estimate which your insurance company owes you under your policy. This is our sole motive to expand our business to the south of Connecticut as well. We want to give you an opportunity to appoint your professional adjuster to handle any type of claim when the adjuster from your insurance company comes to sort out things with you.


We are licensed and bonded in the state of Connecticut. And we are always there to make sure you don’t suffer any loss which you should not. We represent YOU and not your insurance company.


Cities inside the County:
With more than twenty towns in the county, this is the second largest county in Connecticut based on population. All the cities inside the county are known for their beauty and peace such as Beacon Falls, Branford, East Haven, Madison, Wolcott and more. Although homeowners enjoy living a quality life in this amazing county, the possibility of damages cannot be overlooked. Being one of the best property claims adjusters in Connecticut, GIR looks forward to helping any homeowner who is seeking to sustain the damage financially using his insurance policy against physical damage to the property.


We have skilled and highly knowledgeable legal counsel on staff as well as Wind Umpire Certified Staff members. Other than this, our 77 years of experience in the insurance industry serves us well and has helped us maintain a track record of getting settlements without any trouble.

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