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Insurance companies are everywhere, radio, television and the internet.

But when you need them most, you can hardly find them.

We have all heard the horror stories of policy holders who struggle to get the insurance company to pay the benefits under the policy.

After all, all an insured wants is to simply get what they expected from their insurance policy after

major property damage to their home or business. Without the proper understanding of the insurance claims process andthe often confusing details of your insurance policy, it is likely that you will not receive the maximum benefits available under your insurance policy. This is where Gables Insurance Recovery stepsin.

For years, GIR Property Claims has been assisting policy
holders in the insurance claims process. Our team of public adjusters have decades of
on the legal and insurance front. The expanded location in the city of
Ft. Myers ensures that Lee County residents have an insurance claims adjusting firm they can

What does a public insurance adjuster do?

In the wake of property damage, policy holders experience loss, frustration and the experience can be very emotional. The stress of dealing with the damage is merely the start. By the time

you file your claim with your insurance company and listen to your options, it can be overwhelming. Insurance claims adjusters and those representing the interests of the insurance companies are trained to minimize the responsibility of the insurance company. The insurance company and their personnel intentionally makereduced which fail to account for the true value, benefits and coverage available for its policy holders.

Whether a tree fell on your garage, a driver barreled
through your living room or business, or you found yourself in the midst of the
once-per-decade Category 3 hurricane, GIR of Ft Myers wants to be by your side.
Our job is to handle the stress of initiating the claim process and working as your
advocate throughout the entire process before insurance company.

With GIR in yourcorner, you can count on a professional firm with years of experience and industry know how and insight.

The professionals at Gables Insurance Recovery in Fort
Myers complete damage appraisals, prepare repair estimates, read and interpret your insurance policy,
and negotiate with your property insurance company. In the end, we are able
to maximize a fair settlement in your claim situation with the least amount of hassle
on your part.

How does it work?

The process of using GIR is fairly simple. When damage
occurs, contact us. Make sure to secure any personal belongings and take
photographs of damaged items and property. Our team will keep you informed and in the loop
as we assess your policy and work with the insurance company for optimal
results. There are no upfront fees with this service. We only get paid, when
you get paid.

Prevention Before Property Claim

GIR Property Claims also helps prepare policy holders before
the damage happens. Much like when you apply automotive coverage to a new
vehicle, our adjusters will take photographs of your home and make a
comprehensive list of its content and value. This is called the Pre Loss Inspection
Program. It is designed to help ease the process of filing future claims by
creating a digital inventory of all items within your home.

With the help of our Fort Myers representatives, Lee County
residents can also gain a detailed look at their policy and get answers to the
questions regarding what to expect if damage does occur. This personalized
service gives policy holders added peace of mind and diminishes the confusion
and missed damages when an accident does occur.

Although some residents are fortunate to never experience flooding, hurricanes, or other
losses in their lifetime, the science tells us it is most likely to occur. Based
on weather patterns over the decades, at least one devastating hurricane is
likely to hit coastal Florida every 26.5 years. So when it comes to living in the
beautiful city of Ft Myers, the question is not if property damage will occur, but when.
Let GIR Property Claims of Lee County help ensure that when that time comes,
you are not only prepared but have assistance through the claims handling process.

Gables Insurance Recovery is composed of skilled legal and
insurance staff. Our staff is licensed and insured with over 77 years of
experience. Our proven track record of the best settlement outcomes is why we
are the preferred choice as public claims adjusters. With experience and
commitment on our side, and a vast network of experts and industry resources, we are
poised to give each client the precision in claims handling they need.

Policy holders in the city of Ft. Myers are invited to stop
by our location located at 2401 1st St in the heart Downtown Fort Myers and
find out how we can help them prepare and manage their claims in the wake of property

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