The Homes & Businesses Destroyed by Hurricane Michael

It feels as if Hurricane Irma wasn’t even that long ago and already the Southeastern United States has been struck by another tragedy. Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane. The destruction it left in its wake was reminiscent of Hurricane Irma. Areas of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are said to look like “a war zone”, with homes and businesses being flattened or torn apart, flooded and destroyed by the storm surge. Thousands of people are once again dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic storm. Millionsof people will remember this day as one of the most traumatic experiences in their lives.

Hurricane Michael is gone now, but not without scarring its path. Millions of people are without electricity, businesses have closed, and the death toll resulting from this storm consists of at least seventeen lives. People have to restart lives that were shattered by this storm, and GIR is mindful of how difficult that process is.
This is a daunting time for so many people with broken homes and businesses, but the Property Claims Division of Gables Insurance Recovery (GIR) is here to help those in need of assistance with their insurance claims.

GIR Property Claims is a public adjusting company with offices throughout Florida including Miami, Orlando and Miramar Beach. GIR Property Claims works for you – the insured, not the insurance companies. They can assess the damage to your house or business and estimate the amount of dollars you are going to need to get your life back in order. Hurricane Michael has already done more damage than anyone imagined, GIR Property Claims can help you try to lessen it. In a natural disaster such as this, we would hope that people would try to help and make things easier during these difficult times. GIR Property Claims will make sure your insurance benefits are maximized to the full amount you are entitled to under your policy, from assessing the damage, to speaking to your insurance company and to being the shoulder you need to lean on in this time of need.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by Hurricane Michael, don’t hesitate to call GIR Property Claims at 1-877-278-5566 today. Let them help you when you need it the most.