What Should I Do Now?

So, the event has passed and now you are asking yourself, “well now what?”.

Firstly, make sure that you, your family and your belongings are as secure as you can make them. These are your most important assets so focus on this task first.

Next, make sure to contact a qualified public insurance adjuster like those from Gables Insurance Recovery for assistance.

Here are some general tips when filing insurance claims for damages after you’ve discussed your situation with an insurance adjuster:

  • Create a list of damaged items. Make sure to take pictures or video as well as a description. This is a time-consuming process and a public insurance adjuster like those from Gables Insurance Recovery can help you.
  • Find temporary accommodations and make sure to forward your mail to the new location as well as your main phone number to your new phone.
  • Make sure to remove all valuables from your property if the property is not secure.
  • Make sure you read over your policy and ask questions.
  • Make sure to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. Most insurance policies have a timetable for you to start the claim process once the event finishes.
  • Document all the expenses incurred during this process. Keep all receipts and if you can log some information about the individual expenses that is great. As time passes you might forget why a particular expense was incurred and a log is a great tool to help “tickle” your memory.
  • Log all your phone conversations, emails and any physical correspondence.
  • You are going to have to prove your loss and that requires some experts to come in and help.
  • Any proposal from your insurance provider should always be in writing.
  • Make sure to notify your mortgage lender (if any) and your insurance provider if you plan to rebuild. This is usually a timed event. This is usually a timed event.

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