Why Hire Us

public insurance adjustor

You pay for insurance so that you are covered when disaster strikes. But the insurance company may make you an offer that is less than the full benefit you are entitled to. In fact, your insurance company may try to get out of paying you anything!

We make sure that the insurance company is aware that we are in your corner and will not allow them to settle the claim for less than you deserve. Let our familiarity with the insurance claim process and our years of experience work for you.

What We Do for You

Our experts work to get you the largest settlement possible under your policy by negotiating with your insurance company, in court if necessary.
We provide a range of services to our clients, including:

  • Review and assess your true insurance coverage as defined in your insurance policy. This creates the ideal setting for the best possible strategy to be devised.
  • Identifying the amount and type of coverage you have under your policy.
  • Helping you review your insurance coverage.
  • Making sure you meet the insurance policy requirements.
  • Developing the best strategy for claim recovery.
  • Guiding you during the insurance claims process.
  • Negotiating the best insurance claim settlements for you.
  • Representing you during the entire claims process.

Types of Damage Covered

We have extensive experience with Florida natural disasters of all types including hurricane, flooding, and storm surges. We can help you with claims related to wind, water, mold, fire, storms, plumbing break damage, and also with coverage disputes.
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