Why Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance companies use representatives who are trained to minimize the company’s exposure. Frequently, the insurance company will make offers that are less than what they are obligated to pay you for your loss. We ensure that the insurance company is aware that we are in your corner and will not allow them to settle the claim for less than you deserve. Let our familiarity with the insurance claim process and our years of experience work for you.

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster acts as an advocate for the insurance policyholder during the entire insurance claim process. Public Adjusters only work for the policyholders and are not to be confused with insurance company or independent adjusters who work for the insurance companies. These professionals, such as those found at Gables Insurance Recovery, are trained and licensed to appraise, assess, prepare and negotiate many types of home or business property damage.

Our Property Adjusters will:

  • Review and assess your true insurance coverage as defined in your insurance policy. This creates the ideal setting for the best possible strategy to be devised.
  • Assist the policyholder to meet the requirements of the insurance policy in order to comply with the defined time and damage requirements.
  • Defined and appraises the losses including the valuation of damage, contents, interruption of business operations and any additional expense claims.
  • Represents your claim to the insurer.
  • Negotiates the best settlement for you.
  • Keep you in the loop during the claim process.

Gables Insurance Recovery (GIR) has the highly skilled and very experienced public insurance adjusters to best represent your needs. Additionally, our adjusters also are Certified Wind Umpires. A Wind Umpire, as defined by the WindStorm Insurance Network is a “competent, disinterested, impartial individual who is charged with making a decision regarding the value of property or the amount of a property loss” (For more information about Wind Umpires please visit http://www.windnetwork.com). Having these adjusters on your side gives you a clear advantage during the entire claim process.

Let GIR get you the coverage you have already paid for!