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We provide specialized care and our responsibility is to your interest alone. GIR Public Adjuster goes line through line in the insurance policy, which typically has hundreds of provisions, stipulations and many complex details that will greatly impact your loss.

​We have a team of lawyers that are on your side. ​So many times, people settle for less than what they deserve because they don’t fully understand the details of their policy. ​GIR is licensed throughout the entire state of Florida and based in Coral Gables, Miami. ​
Not only does hiring us as your public adjuster provide the convenience and help ease the headache of the whole insurance process, ​there are no fees for our service unless we are successful with your claim.​ Gables Insurance Recovery, your trusted Miami Public Adjuster works for you – and you alone. We truly stand by our services and know you will not regret giving us a call.

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Both my sister and I are thankful for the sincere courage it took for you and your staff by aiding my mom to recoup some of the loses sustained from Hurricane Irma. I already miss communication with Alessandra. We won’t hesitate to contac you in the future in the event of hurricane damage wherein your experience is needed.
Patricia Douglas

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