Pre-Loss Inspection Program

Our Pre-Loss Inspection Program consists of a comprehensive inspection of your home or other real property and its contents. Our inspectors will take detailed photographs of the exterior to include the roof and the interior of the home. In addition, our inspectors will take photographs and inventory the personal property in each room. GIR will digitize important documents, insurance policies, receipts of recent purchases and all other important documents. A completed copy of the Pre-Loss Inspection will be provided to you and maintained in digital format on our secure network.

The purpose of the Pre-Loss Inspection Program is to facilitate the claims process in the event of damage and/or loss of your property. Frequently, it becomes very challenging to prove to insurance carriers the extent of the loss without the proper documentation or evidence. As a member of our Pre-Loss Inspection program, we will help you develop, provide and maintain that evidence.

An added advantage in participating in our Pre-Loss Inspection Program is that members will benefit in the event of damage and/or loss to your real property with the use of Gables Insurance Recovery’s public adjusting services at a discounted rate. Please keep in mind that some of the events your property may suffer are wind damage, plumbing break/water damage, fire or any other covered loss all of which GIR can help through the claim process.

We would like to offer this complimentary membership of our Pre-Loss Inspection program to you. Have peace of mind in knowing that you are taking a proactive measures in further securing your property, please contact our offices. One of our team member will gladly set up an appointment for the inspection and membership to the Pre-Loss Inspection Program.

Contact us about a Pre-Loss Inspection today!