The Homes & Businesses Destroyed by Hurricane Michael

It feels as if Hurricane Irma wasn’t even that long ago and already the Southeastern United States has been struck by another tragedy. Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane. The destruction it left in its wake was reminiscent of Hurricane Irma. Areas of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are said to look like “a war zone”, with homes and businesses being flattened or torn apart, flooded and destroyed by the storm surge. Thousands of people are once again dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic storm. Millions of people will remember this day as one of the most traumatic experiences in their lives.

Hurricane Michael is gone now, but not without scarring its path. Millions of people are without electricity, businesses have closed, and the death toll resulting from this storm consists of at least twenty one lives. People have to restart lives that were shattered by this storm, and GIR is mindful of how difficult that process is.
This is a daunting time for so many people with broken homes and businesses, but the Property Claims Division of Gables Insurance Recovery (GIR) is here to help those in need of assistance with their insurance claims.

GIR Property Claims is a public adjusting company with offices throughout Florida including Miami, Orlando and Miramar Beach. GIR Property Claims works for you – the insured, not the insurance companies. They can assess the damage to your house or business and estimate the amount of dollars you are going to need to get your life back in order. Hurricane Michael has already done more damage than anyone imagined, GIR Property Claims can help you try to lessen it. In a natural disaster such as this, we would hope that people would try to help and make things easier during these difficult times. GIR Property Claims will make sure your insurance benefits are maximized to the full amount you are entitled to under your policy, from assessing the damage, to speaking to your insurance company and to being the shoulder you need to lean on in this time of need.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by Hurricane Michael, don’t hesitate to call GIR Property Claims at 1-877-278-5566 today. Let them help you when you need it the most.

Hurricane Season Has Just Begun in Florida

It looks like there may be some hurricanes coming to Florida after all. Weather models have noticed a switch on the Atlantic hurricane season and are showing multiple areas of possible development. The storm could possibly head over to the Caribbeans and affect Florida over the Labor Day Weekend. Meteorologist, Dan Kottlowski said, “There is the potential for two or three tropical features spinning over the Atlantic by the second weekend in September.” Regardless of whether or not this happens, everyone still has to take precautions because of what happened 2017 with Hurricane Irma. Many people were unprepared because no one was expecting it to come and cause the damage it did.

After seeing this year’s weather predictions, homeowners should learn from Hurricane Irma and make sure their policy includes the necessary coverage should these damages occur again. Be ready should a storm strike Florida and save your public adjuster’s number ahead of time, policyholders benefit from having an advocate on their side. A public adjuster will determine the viability of a claim, confirm policy coverages and makes sure policy requirements are met timely.

If you, or someone you know find yourself needing to file a claim, don’t go at it alone – contact GIR Property Claims for a free consultation, 1-877-278-5566. We service the entire state of Florida from our offices in both Miami and Orlando.

The effect Hurricane Irma had on Re-Insurers

There have been a large number of reopened claims related to Hurricane Irma. Reopened claims negatively impact re-insurers. Re-insurers are insurance companies that insure the risks of other insurance companies. Everest Re Group, Ltd., is one of the re-insurers that was negatively impacted by these reopened claims, losing more than 70 percent of their net worth. Many of the claims that they assumed were actually prematurely closed, not because they received false positives from their clients, but because their clients tried to settle the claims before policyholder’s final bills came in. This led to the policyholders reopening their claims as they received less money than they actually needed. Adesso, the president of Everest Re Group said: “Settling claims quickly was initially a sound strategy, but what we now know is that this approach left our clients vulnerable when the actual repair bills came in higher”.

Everest Re Group took this approach because there were a substantial amount of claims filed that they wanted to promptly resolve. There were consequences in handling claims in this manner as policy holders were not properly indemnified, which resulted in reopening of claims. Like most insurers, Everest Re Group was not expecting nor were they experienced in dealing with simultaneous events. This lead to a significant loss, as their pricing wasn’t up to par with to balance out the amount of money they had versus what was due to their clients. The lack of experience on their part is what led to report the substantial loss to their net worth.

Everest Re Group is not the only reinsurer that bottomed out in the second quarter, Aspen Insurance Holdings, Ltd., found itself in a similar situation. Aspen Insurance Holdings did do better in their second-quarter underwriting results, both in insurance and reinsurance segments. Aspen’s CEO, Chris O’Kane, said they were able to lessen the damage because of “careful client selection in Florida”. Undercapitalized companies sometimes do not have many claims adjusters and when something like this happens, they end up paying more money to under qualified independent adjusters – also referred to as field adjusters – who don’t have the experience or tools to adequately adjust claims. This, in turn, leads to policyholder claims not properly adjudicated due to an inexperienced independent or field adjuster. The carrier’s adjusters are supposed to know how to properly document the loss in order to report back with it to the carrier for processing of insurance proceeds to their insureds. These field adjusters are the boots on the ground; carrier’s eyes, hands and feet, if you will – if they turn the blind eye to the losses that are too complex or seem too small, carriers can’t adjust appropriately. They are the middleman between the policyholder and the insurance company. If carriers had experienced and honest adjusters on the field they could indemnify their policy holders while also protecting insurance companies from unnecessary financial liability.

As a home or business owner, how do you know if the independent or field adjuster is doing what they need to? Policyholders have the option to hire a public adjuster. A public adjuster will represent the policyholder and ensure claims are appropriately documented, coverages are understood and that the insurance company does what it promised to when it sold its policy – provide coverage. Policyholders shouldn’t go at this alone, the carrier has their hired guns – policyholders should have experience on their side.

We have seen this repeatedly, inexperienced property adjusters not accurately scoping and evaluating the losses. If you believe you were underpaid for your hurricane loss, contact us for a free consultation at 1-877-278-5566

Source: Insurance Journal

Hurricane Irma: The insurance claims being wrongfully denied

Hurricane Irma hit Florida on September 10, 2017. It was a category 5 hurricane that left a trail of damages in its wake. Roofs were ripped from homes, trees fell on top of vehicles causing them to crack and water from the immense amount of rain caused some living spaces to become uninhabitable. Some people who suffered these damages are still suffering.

           As Americans, after every natural disaster, there are certain steps we know we should take. One of the most important steps we take is filing insurance claims and expecting something back for all the damages we incurred. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. As of today, 40 percent of insurance claims in Florida, alone, are still being denied.  Insurance companies are always quick to delay or deny policyholders from what they originally promised when they signed their contract. If they don’t, they might ask policyholders to make a sworn statement, trying to take advantage of uninformed policyholders and giving them less then what they deserve. It has become such an issue, that even Sun-Sentinel Gary M. Singer encourages “if the insurer denies full payout of Hurricane Imra, exercise patience.” Some people have been waiting for 8 months, how much longer are they supposed to “exercise patience”? In the article, “Florida still dealing with Irma”, Chad Bunch says, “Just take a look when you fly in and out of Southwest Florida at the thousands of blue roof homes we still have”. That, alone, signifies how things still haven’t been fixed. No one thinks that they are going to have to worry about the insurance company their paying for every month letting them down. Yet it happens every time. Over 28,000 Hurricane Irma claims have been denied.  


    If this sounds an awful lot like your situation, I’m happy to tell you Gables Insurance Recovery can help. GIR  is a Public Adjuster Insurance company. What is a Public Adjuster? They are the only property loss officials that work on the policyholders’ behalf. GIR has over 77 years of experience under their belt when it comes to dealing with helping homeowners in their time of need. They have a legal staff that knows the in and outs of every insurance policy and will fight for the rights you deserve. Their clients come first, even before the money does. They will not take a cent from you until the insurance company gives you what you deserve. Their expertise allows them the ability to evaluate, reassess, facilitate and maximize the amount of money you can gain from your insurance claim. With them, you will not be taken advantage of because they will let you know what’s going on through each and every step of the process.



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