Introducing Our Free Pre-Loss Inspection Program

Introducing Our Free Pre-Loss Inspection Program

Pre Loss Inspection Program

Gain peace of mind against future damage or loss with a complimentary property inventory

At Gables Insurance Recovery, our team has witnessed every type of home insurance claim situation—and unfortunately, more often than not, the path to full recovery is paved with hurdles and resistance from insurers. When property owners suffer damage or loss, insurers often require proof or evidence showing the extent of the damage. They want you to prove that it wasn’t pre-existing. But this is extremely tough to do. Imagine you lose everything in a fire. Do you have records documenting your property? If not, you’re extremely unlikely to recover all the value.

That’s why we’re introducing pre-loss inspections as a complimentary service to property owners. Designed as a proactive measure to facilitate future insurance claims, the free inspection creates a digital record of a home (or other property) to be provided to the insurance company in the event of damage or loss. Our goal is to make the claims process as simple and uncomplicated as possible—because if your home has been severely damaged, an insurance hassle is the last thing you need to add to your plate.

The service consists of a comprehensive inspection of your home and its contents. Our inspectors will take detailed photographs of the exterior and interior, making an inventory of the personal property in each room, and digitize important documents, insurance policies and any receipts. We then store the complete pre-loss inspection in digital format on our secure network and provide a copy to you, the owner.

This free program was designed to protect property owners, both those that live in their home year round as well as owners that only spend part of the year in Florida. We know that it is difficult to handle insurance claims remotely, so realtors can offer this service to their clients, providing them with peace of mind on their home when they’re hundreds of miles away.

We believe a pre-loss inspection is truly an invaluable way for owners to protect themselves. Plus, people who take advantage of this complimentary program will enjoy discounted rates on our public adjusting services in the event of damage or loss resulting in a claim. Learn more about the process at our dedicated website:

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