Hurricane Irma: The insurance claims being wrongfully denied

Hurricane Irma hit Florida on September 10, 2017. It was a category 5 hurricane that left a trail of damages in its wake. Roofs were ripped from homes, trees fell on top of vehicles causing them to crack and water from the immense amount of rain caused some living spaces to become uninhabitable. Some people who suffered these damages are still suffering.

           As Americans, after every natural disaster, there are certain steps we know we should take. One of the most important steps we take is filing insurance claims and expecting something back for all the damages we incurred. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. As of today, 40 percent of insurance claims in Florida, alone, are still being denied.  Insurance companies are always quick to delay or deny policyholders from what they originally promised when they signed their contract. If they don’t, they might ask policyholders to make a sworn statement, trying to take advantage of uninformed policyholders and giving them less then what they deserve. It has become such an issue, that even Sun-Sentinel Gary M. Singer encourages “if the insurer denies full payout of Hurricane Imra, exercise patience.” Some people have been waiting for 8 months, how much longer are they supposed to “exercise patience”? In the article, “Florida still dealing with Irma”, Chad Bunch says, “Just take a look when you fly in and out of Southwest Florida at the thousands of blue roof homes we still have”. That, alone, signifies how things still haven’t been fixed. No one thinks that they are going to have to worry about the insurance company their paying for every month letting them down. Yet it happens every time. Over 28,000 Hurricane Irma claims have been denied.  


    If this sounds an awful lot like your situation, I’m happy to tell you Gables Insurance Recovery can help. GIR  is a Public Adjuster Insurance company. What is a Public Adjuster? They are the only property loss officials that work on the policyholders’ behalf. GIR has over 77 years of experience under their belt when it comes to dealing with helping homeowners in their time of need. They have a legal staff that knows the in and outs of every insurance policy and will fight for the rights you deserve. Their clients come first, even before the money does. They will not take a cent from you until the insurance company gives you what you deserve. Their expertise allows them the ability to evaluate, reassess, facilitate and maximize the amount of money you can gain from your insurance claim. With them, you will not be taken advantage of because they will let you know what’s going on through each and every step of the process.



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